Power behind

We are honored to develop cutting-edge battery systems for our worldwide clients. We select proper Lithium chemistry for every project from brand cell suppliers like Panasonic, Samsung SDI, LG Chem and Chinese reputated cell manufacturers. Our seasoned electrical engineers are well experienced in design battery management system (BMS) based on vary industries. Our company core value is "Continue To Create Value For Clients". Our clients include major industry players in home energy storage, leisure & marine, low speed electric vehicle (LEV), lawn & garden and personal mobility.

We believe that more Lithium battery deployment can help to reduce carbon emissions and curb global warming. It is our vision! It is all of us vision!

If you would like to learn more about our company, check out our LinkedinFacebook, and YouTube. Or you can always call us at +86 (769) 3892-9188 or email us at info@deford.com.cn with any inquiries.