Drop in LiFePO4

Li+AGE Specification

P/N Voltage
Configuration Weight
Data Sheet
DCU100B 12.8 100 1S*1P* 13.2 Down Load
DCU100B-2P 12.8 200 1S2P 26.4 Down Load
DCU100B-4P 12.8 400 1S4P 52.8 Down Load
DCU200 12.8 200 1S1P 27.5 Down Load
DCU200-2P 12.8 400 1S2P 55.0 Down Load
DCU100B-2S 25.6 100 2S1P 26.4 Down Load
DCU100B-4S 51.2 100 4S1P 52.8 Down Load

*S is series and P is parallel.
①Data Sheet only show single battery specification. Contact us to ask battery pack specification when you need it.
Key Features & Benefits

LONG LIFE: Longer runtime & life span lead to lower cost long-term solution for highly demanding deep-cycle on RV, caravan, motorhome battery.
DROP-IN REPLACEMENT: Drop in compatible with most legacy lead acid or AGM RV, caravan, motorhome battery and is typically half the weight, use with most lead acid or AGM smart charger.
ZERO MAINTENANCE: Zero maintenance, inherent safe Lithium Iron Phosphate chemistry, non-spillable, use in any orientation.
ULTRA-SAFE: Fully integrated smart battery management system (BMS) technology from Texas Instruments and safety protection circuits.
HIGH PERFORMANCE: Greater capacity retention at fast discharge rate, and faster charge capability too.
SMART TECHNOLOGY: Smart Bluetooth communications help to monitor battery in real-time through Apps.
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