Ultra-safe Jump Starter

Why we design it ?

Why we design our ultra-safe Lithium Iron Phosphate battery technology jump starter since customers already have many choices from the market? What’s the unique advantage of our ultra-safe jump starter compares with other brands?

DNP’s ultra-safe jump starter body includes two parts, ultra-safe, high power Lithium Iron Phosphate technology battery pack and smart, reliable BMS (battery management system). DNP’s ultra-safe, high power Lithium Iron Phosphate battery is able to adapt extreme work conditions especially under high temperature for long time without swelling, leak, or even burn. The smart BMS can monitor and protect overcharge, over discharge, external short circuit, reverse polarity connection, reverse charging from alternator, and extreme temperature.

We believe a safe, reliable, durable and high performance portable jump starter is useful tool to guarantee driver’s emergency needs. So we design it for needs.