Energy Storage

DNP is committed to develop and install residential and commercial Energy Storage System (ESS) which integrate with solar to harness the abundant power of the sun and reduce our reliance on fossil fuels. Homeowners, businesses and utilities use DNP energy products to reliably increase their use of renewable energy and foster a clean energy ecosystem.

DNP’s Energy Storage System (ESS) is a complete energy storage system that integrates battery storage, advanced battery management, power conversion (both charging and generation), and energy management in a fully integrated, turnkey solution. With the ability to monitor and manage the system remotely from an ordinary web browser, ESS provides a scalable, cost-effective, reliable and versatile energy storage solution for a wide range of energy generation, distribution and consumption applications.
DNP currently uses Lithium Ion Phosphate chemistry configured into various battery modules. This technology affords the energy density, rapid charging and other characteristics needed in demanding applications, and is also guaranteed to deliver low-maintenance service for 10 years.

“Lower costs, improved technology, and the advent of transparent energy markets have spurred an energy storage renaissance” - Dr. Ramteen Sioshansi, Ohio State University.