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A reliable, defect-free and high quality battery pack begins at the design stage. With a mind for manufacturability, and using the best components, applying best practices and leveraging our years of experience, our focus is to meet our customer’s application needs.

1. Cell Selection

Selecting the proper cell for a battery pack is one of the most critical aspects affecting size, cost, performance and quality. DNP provides the proper Li-ion cells from leading battery manufacturers for selecting.

2. Protection Circuit Module (PCM)

All Lithium ion assemblies require a PCM with protection for overcharge, over-discharge, over current and temperature sensing. Our engineering team is well experienced in designing a PCM for all applications.

3. Fuel Gauging (Optional)

The fuel gauge is an advanced warning system for low-charge or situations that signal the end of the device’s batteries. Fuel gauging is a critical function of Lithium ion battery pack design. DNP has the ability to develop a customized fuel gauge that can take into account specific customers needs and facilitate integrated authentication protocols.

4. Cell Balancing (N/A for single cell battery pack)

Cell balancing during charge and discharge gets the most from a battery pack. It could enhance performance and prolong cycle life of a battery pack. The team at DNP provides our customers with the most appropriate cell balancing design solution for their applications.

5. Mechanical Designs

Some battery packs are installed inside the product, and only require a shrink-wrap enclosure. In other cases, battery packs are mounted externally and may serve a mechanical function, such as a handle or base for the product. Our team has experience designing battery enclosures of all types and can help you create one that will enhance the functional design of the product while assuring that the battery passes stringent shock, vibration and environmental testing required to certify the pack for shipping.

Contact us to learn how DNP can serve your battery needs and work with your technical team together to develop the safest and most reliable battery solutions.